Diplomas :

Diploma in Electronics Technology - Qualified Electronics Technologist
Industrial Technical Institute "Modesto Panetti" - Bari, 2013 - 2015

Diploma in Industrial Mechanical Engineering 
Technical Institute e Scientific College "Guglielmo Marconi" - Bari, 2012

5th year Qualified License in Electronics
Technical Institute "Plateja" - Taranto, 2010

Diploma in Surveying
Technical Institute for Surveyors "Euclide" -  Bari, 2000

Other Courses and Certificates :

Training Course "Autodesk" with AutoCAD 2000 Software
Studiodelta s.n.c., March - September 2000

Training Course "ISO 9001 Quality Management"
282 hours / Puglia gov. funded training , 1999 - 2000

Tassellaggio Course
Tassello technology, mechanical and chemical Tasselli
Static and Dinamic Loads Software HIDU
HILTI society, Bari 1999

Certificate "Microsoft" Windows and Office 2000

Certificate 3DS MAX

Other Skills:

Animation graphics 3DS MAX


2D/3D technical drafting using CAD

Competence in using Computer Numerical Control systems

English language - Mainly Technical Terms

Driver's licence catgories A and B