Meccatronica Repair Di Gallo Giuseppe


About me :

After 15 years of experience working in electro - mechanics field as a support technician and mechanical draftsman for various companies, I have decided to open my own business "Meccatronica Repair" that specialises in repairs, maintenance, installation and general technical support for industrial CNC machinery.

My name is Giuseppe Gallo, 39 yo, my first experience is that of a draftsman, CAD designer and a programmer of a CNC machine using CAD / CAM software at the firm CORSARO & LISCIO S.p.A. in Bari /Italy/.

Four years later I change companies and start working as a support technician for CNC - Computer Numerical Control machinery at CR ELECTRONIC in Florence /Italy/ specialising in plasma cutting machines, press brake machines, oxy - fuel pantographs and hydraulic shearing machines. My work consisted of carrying out inspections, performing electrical and mechanical repairs and implementing software / hardware training for client companies and their staff.

After another 5 years I switch companies and start working for RED COM s.r.l. in Turin /Italy/ again as a support technician for CNC machinery. In 2012 for a shorter period I also worked at DAMI ENGINEERING in Brescia /Italy/. 

Today I continue to provide technical support assistance for all clients and customers in Italy as well as overseas. I'm particularly competent in above-mentioned brands like CR ELECTRONIC and RED COM, but also perform installation and repairs on many other machinery brands.